Support Local Farmers

By purchasing ingredients in your local region, you help to support farmers and their livelihood.


Value For Money

Buying ingredients in bulk will help you save more money in the long run.


Variety & Freshness

You get to choose from a wide variety of produces, and the freshest of course!

Fresh Ingredients = Good Food.

We believe in good, fresh ingredients and that is the real good source to each and every dish served at your Restaurant. 

We only work with farmers that are passionate about how they grow and what goes into Mother Nature. 

Hence, we have 100% confidence in the farms that we choose to work with before presenting it to you.

Build Relationship With Farmers.

By purchasing your ingredients locally, you not only gain access to the freshest produces, but you also get to know more about the farmers that grow food passionately for us.

With our built-in chat system, farm visit and event monthly, you get to meet and visit farms and be in touch with the source of ingredients at the farm!

Understanding where our food source comes from is important as it helps to support local farmers and build a sustainable eco-cycle.



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