Lek & Greg Vegan Camp – A fun Food2Farm Tour Series

Before visiting the camp, we decided to stop by JingJai farmers’ market in Chiang Mai that happens on every alternate Sunday. We bought some organic passion fruit and a couple of organic products produced locally at the market and it was such a fun-filled morning. 🙂

We tried various kind of food and even bought some hand-made products 🙂

After spending 2 hours at the farmers’ market, we made our way to Lek & Greg Vegan Camp located in Li of Lamphun Province.

The vegan camp is run by a Thai & Danish couple, Lek & Greg are both very kind to let us visit their camp and on this exclusive farm tour.

The camp used to be owned by Lek’s relative and it was a dry and barren land for a while before it turned into this beautiful garden of local fruits and vegetables. They have an abundance of local Thai basil, leafy vegetables and loads of bananas. Greg showed us around the camp as Lek was in the kitchen preparing our lunch for the day, which was really really aroy-mak-mak.

Taking a tour around the farm
Steamed aged and young pumpkin
Lek’s ultimate cooking showdown
Riceberry cooked by Greg

We spent a great deal of time talking lengths about Greg’s background where he used to live in Denmark and also about his vegan community project. After lunch, Greg suggested to do an interview with him about us and Food2Farm as well – I mean, there is no reason to turn this down. (:

You may watch the interview about us done by Greg here :

Although Lek & Greg Vegan Camp are not selling their produce at the moment, you can support them by volunteering at the camp with a small sum of money and learn different farming practices along the way.
If you wish not to stay at the private hut you can also inform them to drop by for lunch – They serve really good vegan food there. 🙂

Name of Farm:  Lek & Greg Vegan Camp

Catch it our fun farm tour of Lek & Greg’s Vegan Camp  here:

Let us know if you would like to be part of Food2Farm, simply drop us an email or message us on any of our social media. 🙂

With that, have a good weekend to all of you!


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