Find your inner peace at MindFul Farm – Food2Farm Farm Tour Series

We were driving up into the mountains and into the valley of Sameong District, wondering why did we decide to rely on google map once again despite our past disappointments. ? Nevertheless, we manage to find our way after multiple phone calls with Noriko and we finally arrive outside of a temple.

Upon arrival at the temple, we walked through a narrow valley and found our way to the off-the-grid farm. Crossing the channel on a bamboo bridge, walking through the commercial garlic chives farm and finally arriving at MindFul Farm.

We sat down with Noriko, a Japanese who is married to Pi Nan and has a beautiful daughter named Noraba. Pi Nan used to be a monk for 10 years before settling down with Noriko and practice dharma teachings as well as engaging people/volunteers from all walks of life in his farm teaching yoga, meditation and of course organic farming practices.

He took his time to show us around the farm and talked a lot about life (which is a topic we all like).

Pi Nan showed us around the volunteer bungalows and around the farm where he plants different kinds of fruits and vegetables. We tasted star-fruit, gooseberries and figs along the way. The land is so fertile and it is amazing to witness how this piece of land can flourish if you stick to organic methods.

After the farm tour, we were invited for lunch at their farm and my, such a mouth-exploding meal filled with flavours.

Vegan laap, glutinous rice, raddish soup and banana in coconut milk dessert
Starfruit and Gooseberry

At Mindful Farm, one can seek inner peace and learn more about sustainable living. In the afternoon when the sun is the hottest, volunteers may chill at the pavilion or choose to go to the nearby quarry to cool themselves.


Everything is really beautiful and peaceful here.. BUT there is just one BIG concern,

The area around MindFul Farm are commercial farms. And in commercial farming, it is common that they practice the slash and burn method to rotate their land and grow new crops, causing air pollution and could potentially affect human’s health.

It is discouraging to find out that most commercial farms in the area grow their crops in massive use of pesticides and chemical fertiliser.. As we all may know, when the wind blows, it carries the air pollutant particles and deposit everywhere in the village. Though Mindful Farm grows their crops organically, it is seemingly difficult for them to be fully organic because of the ill-informed people around his farm.

How can we at Food2Farm help mindful farm to inform the people around the region to understand that what they are doing is damaging to their health, the land and the future generation? The only way to do it is to grow the community of Organic Farmers, build a network so they can learn from each other and constantly support them in terms of spreading the word about organic farming, food and benefits.

Though at Mindful Farm they do not sell their crops to the public (a.t.m) but they are looking for ways to improve the quality of life for the villagers around his farm as well as informing them about the importance of organic growing methods and benefits.

However, Mindful Farm is open to visitors or volunteers whom wish to learn more about organic farming, way of life and the teachings of Dharma at a small cost. If you’d like to reach them or volunteer at their farm, simply log onto to find out more details or drop us an email. 🙂

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Thank you for taking the time once more and look forward to hear more from you guys!


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