We believe that buying local produces supports local farmers.

We aim to work with farmers that aspire to grow organically, or has been using organic methods on their fields as well as those which have been certified organic by different certification bodies.

We aim to work with small to medium-sized farms, which produces are not easily found in hypermarts and supermarkets.

Every produces grown on their field is with love and care. That's when you can ensure that the ingredients that chefs and food vendors used are the freshest and the tastiest.

We achieve more together.

We open our doors to all farms who like to make a difference. Truth is, Only when we all stand together and offer fresh, sustainable produce to businesses is the way to encourage more people to switch to organic produce which is more sustainable for our environment.

Along the way, we impact more people with thoughts of living consciously as we help farms like you to share your harvest and maintain your livelihood on the farm.


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