Building an organic future with Rim Ping Organic Farm – Farm Tour Series

On our last leg of the tour series, we catch up with Ekarat, the general manager of Rim Ping Organic Farm to share with us about the different farm technology that has been implemented on the farm over the years.

Our team talked in great lengths about the future of organic farms in Thailand in regards to The Royal Project by His Majesty King Bhumibol, many of which have already been completed, tested and proven to improve the livelihoods of the Thai people.

In all due respect to the King, we research all about what we can about the Royal Project and we are equally excited of what’s to come in the near future.

A little background of Rim Ping Organic Farm, the farm has been established for 23 years till date, located primely along the Chao Praya River and it is about 200 football field in size. We took this opportunity to ask Ekarat to show us around the farm and the farm technology they adapt to increase efficiency and productivity for the farm.

One of such technology is the water irrigation system designed by Ekarat and team which is very useful in reducing the manpower needed to be at the farm at a stipulated timing to water the fields.  Using this smart tech system, the team at the farm can control the timing and the quantity of organic fertilizer and water at different timing. (watch the video at the end of the post)

Driving from one point to another, we witnessed the most spectacular view of the entire farm. The salad section is bursting with colors with the mountains as the backdrop.

In the natural process of organic farming, the fields will constantly be threatened by pest and erratic weather conditions. How does one maintain the integrity of the farm in such large scale?

The answer lies in crop rotation – it is an important process to rotate the crops once every three years to prevent pest and unwanted “guest” into the field. And of course, we must not forget the least complex way of pest control… using pests to fight pests. One such example is the presence of ladybugs (see below)

Credits: Michael McKenney

It took us about half a day exploring the farm in the unforgiving sun so we definitely have to try the special blended juice from the farm!

And a couple of photos of the crops that we explored that day.


With that, we shall end it with a video that features the special breed of corn in Thailand.

Thank you for staying with us throughout. 🙂


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